Creating a website, logo, social media plan, or promotional piece, without first establishing brand strategy is like jumping in the car, heading to a new place, without any directions, and expecting to arrive there in record time. It just doesn't work.

Full Brand Consultation

The Full Brand Consultation is a three phase process.

  1. Benchmark Phase - Let’s determine what you are currently doing. We’ll want to see sales data, website analytics and more. Determining our benchmark allows us to track and see growth over time.
  2. Review Phase - The Review Phase is 4 parts where we examine your message, product, presence, and leads. We typically spend a lot of time in this phase, understanding what your goals are and making suggestions on how you can change what you are doing to better serve your target market.
  3. Guidance & Strategy - We will guide you as you implement our suggested changes for message, product, presence and leads. We can work through your entire brand strategy and plan out your marketing calendar. Often clients request to stay on with us in this phase, past the project duration with brand coaching.

Duration: 6 Months

Cost: Please contact for pricing.

Brand Coaching

Brand coaching happens after a Full Brand Consultation. Coaching is regular meetings with members of your team to help you implement the Guidance & Strategy portion of your Full Brand Consultation.

Duration: 1-2 Hours Per Session
Commitment: 1-4 Sessions Per Month, 6 Month Commitment
Cost: $175-$250/session

A La Carte Consulting

A la carte consulting can be utilized to discuss current strategies, review goals, objectives or strategies. These meetings can look different based on your needs and what we’re doing.

Duration: 1 Hours Per Session

Cost: $195/session