Creating a website, logo, social media plan, or promotional piece, without first establishing brand strategy is like jumping in the car, heading to a new place, without any map or directions, and expecting to arrive there in record time. It just doesn't work.

Brand Coaching

Brand Coaching is regular meetings where we develop your marketing plan and strategies. We talk all levels of business and nothing is off the table. These are great for keeping your marketing on track, honing in and making plans to reach a new target market, planning and strategizing a large event, and helping you reach your business goals.

When we're not meeting our team works in the background to better understand your business, demographics and how we can serve you better. Any deliverables (websites, graphic design, etc.) can be bid out separately if you need our help.

We recommend at least two sessions per month.

Duration: 1-2 Hours Per Session
Commitment: 1-4 Sessions Per Month, 6 Month Commitment
Cost: $275/session

A La Carte Consulting

A la carte consulting can be utilized to discuss current strategies, review goals, objectives or strategies. These meetings can look different based on your needs and what we’re doing.

Duration: 1 Hours Per Session

Cost: $395/session